Manager: Elizabeth Curl

Office: (206) 322-8030

Asst Mgr: Clint Burdick 206-335-3127

206-235-5449 Emergencies Only

(Fire, bad water leak, lost keys/opener or smoke)


Rules and Regulations

411 & 419 E Thomas St


These Rules and Regulations are in addition to the conditions in your lease and are hereby attached to your lease.  Please read them carefully so that you may adhere to them.  Noncompliance may have legal consequences.


 TO START GAS, CABLE and ELECTRIC SERVICE: To start your services please call:

Puget Sound Energy (Gas)  1-888-225-5773

   Seattle City Light (Electric Company)    206-684-3000

Cable/Phone/Internet- Comcast   1-877-824-2288

Cable/Phone- Century Link  1-855-896-7552

Satellite- DSI/Direct TV   1-888 737 4886

(Century Link and DSI/Direct TV will bundle services for a lower price package)



1. RENT- Rent is due in full on the first day of each month and is considered late on the 3rd. Rent is to be given to the manager or placed in the designated rent drop box.  If you are going out of town or will be on vacation, we suggest you give your rent to the Manager before you go. Any rent collected after the 3rd will require the tenant to pay a $20.00 late fee.


 All payments (rent, deposits and fees) are to be paid by check or money order and made payable to your building such as: 419 Properties, 411 Properties or 231 Properties.  Cash will not be accepted under any circumstances.


 It is your responsibility to have adequate funds in your checking account.  We will charge you a $20.00 fee each time a check is returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF).  After two (2) NSFs occur all payments (rent, deposits and fees) must be paid thereafter with a money order.



2. NOTICE CHARGES- Lessee understands a service fee of $50.00 will be charged to them for each and every "Three Day, Notice for Waste, Nuisance of Maintenance of an Unlawful Business" or to "Pay Rent or Vacate" or a "Ten Day Notice to Comply or Vacate" that is issued to them.


3. KEYS- One (1) set of keys will be issued to each adult tenant who has signed the lease agreement.  Keys may include front door key, apartment key, mailbox key and laundry room key.


 Keys may not be copied.  Non-tenants are not permitted to possess keys to the building or apartments.  In the case of emergency or extenuating circumstances discuss your situation with the Manager since she/he is authorized to permit exceptions.  These exceptions must be in writing and approved by the Manager.


You will be responsible for returning all your keys at the end of your tenancy.  If you lose or fail to return the keys issued to you, you will be required to pay a $50.00 fee for each key not returned.


4. LOCK OUTS- Manager has the right to exercise a "lock-out" fee of $20.00, payable upon entry, for anyone who loses their keys or locks themselves out of their apartment more than one time in each 90 day period during business hours of 8am to 5pm and each and every time after business hours.



5. WASTE MANAGEMENT- To minimize odors and keep the premises clean we require that all garbage and waste materials be placed into tied up plastic garbage bags and placed into a garbage can.  Please do not put garbage outside the receptacle since the garbage company will not pick it up. It is your responsibility to handle your trash in a manner that will contribute to keeping the premises clean and orderly.


 The City of Seattle has very strict rules regarding disposal of items. Yard waste and recycling are not permitted in the garbage. If you have are unsure of which items go where there is a detailed list on our website www.weisprop.com


Do not use the garbage cans or dumpster for hazardous wastes such as motor oil or chemicals. The Law requires that you call Metro for special instructions.



6. FREE/GOODWILL ITEMS & USED or BROKEN ELECTRONICS- These items are not to be left in any garbage, recycle, or common area of the buildings. We now have a Goodwill located 3 blocks from the property with a drive through drop off service. This is also an E-Cycle location and will accept BROKEN or working computer monitors, tv’s etc. Their web address is www.seattlegoodwill.org   and their address is 115 Belmont Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

(206) 812-7583


7. ROOFS- The roofs are in excellent condition and it is possible for them to be destroyed by excess or improper usage.  It is also dangerous for anyone other than authorized personnel to be on the roof since they are not equipped with protective handrails at the edge of the building.  Therefore tenants, friends and visitors are not permitted on the roof at anytime.



8. LAUNDRY FACILITIES- Since some apartments are close to the laundry room we want to limit the disturbance to these tenants.  We therefore must limit the use of the laundry to starting the machines no earlier than 7:30 AM and having them stopped and finished running by 11:00 PM.


 We want to protect all of you from fire and therefore ask that each of you clean the dryer lint trap before and after using the dryer.


 In order for all of the tenants to have access to these machines, we request that you remove your completed laundry promptly. No dying of clothes are permitted in the building machines.


 Please do not leave your clothes in the laundry room any longer than necessary or overnight since this room is unattended and we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.


9. PLANTS- All plants must have plastic or porcelain protection plates under them whether on windowsills or on the floor.  Clay trays and pots allow moisture through and therefore will damage any surfaces underneath.


10. CONTACT PAPER/DECALS- Lessee agrees not to install contact paper in drawers or in cabinets, or use decals on appliances, cabinets, mirrors or doors.


11. NOISE-The use of the hallways, stairwells, laundry room, and all public areas is to be quiet, clean and considerate with respect for the comfort of other Lessees on the property.


Lessee, family and guests shall have due regard for the peace, comfort and enjoyment of other tenants in the building.

Musical instruments, radios, television sets, record players, etc., shall be played only during reasonable hours normally 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and at a conversational volume.

There is to be:







• No climbing or playing on balconies, stairways, dumpsters or entries will be permitted.

• Defacing, marring or damage to the property will not be tolerated. Lessees will be responsible for any costs involved.

• No wires, aerials, antennas for radio or television wires, ropes, etc., for clothes drying, etc., shall be installed on the roof, decks, or other parts of the building without written permission of the Owner or Agent.


13. GAS WALL HEATERS- If you have any problems call the Manager or Assistant Manager. Keep the outside grill clean. Clean inside the lower area to prevent dust buildup and fire hazards.These are very safe products and inexpensive compared to electricity.




• Use of picture hooks with small shaft nails is acceptable and approved of by the Owner and Agent for hanging decorations and pictures on the walls.

• Lessees are not allowed to hang anything from the ceilings. No tape or nails are to be used on the woodwork, veneer, or walls.

• When defrosting freezers, do not use sharp instruments. If you have a freezer that creates ice buildup you should clean and defrost it monthly.

• Stoves should be cleaned regularly to avoid grease buildup and permanent stains.

• Do not use abrasive products like Comet on the bathtub. Soft Scrub works well.

• Hardwood floors should be cleaned with Murphy’s oil soap, warm water, or a light water/vinegar mix

• Do not put Liquid Plumber or Drano down your drains - it can harm the pipes. Contact the Resident Manager if you have any plugged up drains.

• All leaking windows, faucets and toilets and/or defects or potential defects in any appliances shall be reported promptly to the Resident Manager or the Agent. Interior accumulation of moisture and mildew must be removed by Lessee.


15. BICYCLES- No bicycles are permitted in units at all. In addition they are not allowed in halls, walkways, stairways, or other public areas. Each building has a bike room on the basement level for bike storage. This is to ensure the carpets, walls, and stairwells stay nice and don’t accumulate damage from taking bikes in and out.


16. UNIT TRANSFERS- Unit transfers are permitted with a transfer fee of $200. This is to cover the cost of the re-rental of your current unit; rent loss, advertising, etc…




• Special permission for you to have a cat may be permitted. This is allowed with a signed Pet Addendum only and a non-refundable pet fee. Please contact the manager for more information on pets.



End of Rules and Regulations


Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations