Weisenbach Properties

301 Summit Ave. East

Thomas Park Ridge Apartments

Manager: Elizabeth Curl

Office: 206.322.8030

Cell: 206.235.5449  or 206-335-3127 Emergencies Only!

(Fire, Water leaks, lost keys/opener or smoke)

Office Hours: Monday –Friday 8:30 am –5:30 pm

Call Evenings and Weekends only in cases of Emergency!


Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations are in addition to the conditions in your lease and are hereby attached to your lease. Please read them carefully so that you may adhere to them. Noncompliance may have legal consequences.

In this document the words “you”, “your”, and “yours” refer to tenant. The words “we”, and “our” refer to the lessee (landlord). The word “apartment” refers to the real property being leased as described in the attached lease.

TO START ELECTRIC SERVICE: Seattle City Light   (206) 233-2559

   Cable Broadstripe  1-800-829-2225

   Direct TV  1-888-737-4886

   Water Systems 1-800-679-2837

A.  Rent

1. Rent is due in full on the first day of each month and is to be given to the manager or placed in the designated gray “rent drop” box adjacent to the first floor mailboxes and fire extinguisher. If you are going out of town or will be on vacation, we suggest you give your rent to the Manager before you go.

2. It is your responsibility to pay rent on time. A $30.00 fee must be paid by you, the tenant for rent monies collected late after the 3rd day of the month. If the rent remains unpaid by the 8th of that same month, you will be served with a notice.

3. If you have not paid your rent by the 8th of the month and you are served with a notice, you will be charged a $20.00 process service fee for this notice.

4. All payments (rent, deposits and fees) are to be paid by check or money order and made payable to your building: 301 Properties. Cash will not be accepted under any circumstances.

5. To avoid confusion, your cancelled check is your receipt. The Manager will issue a written receipt if you specifically request it.

6. It is your responsibility to have adequate funds in your checking account. We will charge you a $30.00 fee each time a check is returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF). After two (2) NSF’s occur all payments (rent, deposits and fees) must be paid thereafter with a money order.

7. If an additional person living with you in your apartment (not identified in your lease) we will consider that person to be an “additional tenant” after two (2) weeks stay. This additional tenant will also be subject to the Landlord’s approval, which requires an application, screening and credit check, and a payment of all applicable fees. Approval by the Landlord must be in writing. The additional tenant is required to either co-sign the existing lease or to sign a new lease.

8. After completing your first year’s tenancy you want to transfer into a different apartment within one of the Landlord’s other buildings. This transfer may be arranged. Since this transfer adds to the time that one of the apartments is vacant and we therefore require that the tenant doing the move pay a $100.00 transfer fee to defray a portion of the vacancy cost. Please notify the Manager in writing, as soon as possible, that you wish to transfer. We require that you go through a complete check out procedure such as inspection of apartments, settlement of accounts and signing of lease termination. A new lease, deposits, and associated procedures will be required for the new apartment. Last Month’s Rent, Fees and other Deposits for new apartment will be required as a separate transaction from the previous apartment.

9. We will not raise your rent during the period covered by your original agreement. Any rent raises becoming effective after expiration of the original lease will be given within 30 days advance notice.


You must pay a cleaning and damage deposit before moving into your apartment. This deposit is separate from rent money and will be used exclusively as security for any cleaning and damage according to the following conditions.

1. You will be given a “Property Condition Checklist to review and approve when beginning your tenancy. You are encouraged to list any conditions on the back of this form so that we have a record of these pre-existing conditions. At the end of your tenancy it is your responsibility to clean the apartment, to correct any minor damage and to return all keys.

This includes removing: stains on walls, door, ceilings, or other surfaces and smoke stains. It is also your responsibility to replace burned out light bulbs (of like kind and wattage) and missing sink plugs as well as repair holes in walls from nails and tacks, etc. You are not permitted to nail or screw shelving or shelving supports directly into the wall or partition surfaces. You are also not permitted to change the color scheme or make physical alterations to the doors, floors, walls, ceilings, windows and window treatments. At the end of your tenancy, when you have had the opportunity to do the cleaning and any small repairs, the Manager will inspect your apartment using this same form to determine the condition which you left the apartment in. Please leave all manuals in your apartment when you vacate. Please note that professionals under the direction of the Management will do large repairs.

2. Since you agreed to remain a tenant for the duration of your lease, you will only be eligible for a refund of your cleaning and damage deposit when you have fulfilled your obligations. These obligations include cleaning and repair damage.

3. If you do not clean your apartment or do the small repairs to the same condition as you first found it, we will authorize this work to be done and you will be responsible to pay for these costs. Please be aware that if this work is done by others that the cost you will be responsible for may exceed the cleaning and damage deposit amount. You are encouraged to do the cleaning properly or hire your own person to avoid these costs. Any cleaning and repairs that have to be done will be preformed and billed to you at the rate of $25.00 per hour. Since we collect a deposit from you at the commencement of your lease, blinds and carpets will be cleaned professionally and paid by your deposit.

4. An itemized statement of the cleaning and damage account with any refund will be sent to you within 14 days of your signing your “Condition of Apartment” form, returning all your keys and vacating your apartment. It is your responsibility to discuss any possible delays and arrange for conditions for these delays with the Manager. It is also your responsibility tri provide the Manager with a forwarding address otherwise it will be impossible for the Landlord to meet this refund obligation. A written notice will be sent to you if some of the work time is unavoidably delayed and all bills have not been submitted to us.



1. If you decide to leave before your years lease obligation, you will be responsible for the monthly rent till the end of the lease term or until the apartment has been re-rented. At the completion of the lease period the original agreement converts your agreement to a Month-to-Month Rental Agreement. When you want to end either your lease or your Month-to-Month Rental Agreement you must give written notice to the Manager. This notice must be received at least 20 days before the end of the rental period (the day before the next month’s rent is due). The day on which notice is delivered does not count. (i.e.: If you are leaving May 30th we need notice on or before May 10th. If it is possible, we would like to have your notice prior to the first of May so that we can apply your LMR to the rent due on your last month or tenancy.)

2. It is your responsibility to be moved out and the apartment ready for cleaning and damage inspection no later than the last day of that month. If you do not meet your obligation we will charge you an additional cost of $30.00 per additional day of tenancy.


1. One (1) set of keys will be issued to each adult tenant who has signed the lease agreement. Keys will include front door key, mailbox key and your apartment key. Please note that your apartment key provides you access to your basement storeroom.

2. The keys for this building are a special security key. Keys may not be copied. Non-tenants are not permitted to possess keys to the building or apartments. In case of emergency or extenuating circumstances discuss your situation with the Manager since she is authorized to permit exceptions. These exceptions must be in writing and approved by the Manager.

3. If you lose a key issued to you, you will be required to pay a $30.00 fee for each apartment key, $50.00 for each front door key and $10.00 fee for each mailbox key. This is to cover our time and expenses for replacing these special security keys, re-keying and replacing door cylinders as required by law. You will be responsible for returning all your keys at the end of your tenancy. For keys not returned you would be charged the same as noted above for lost keys. We urge you to identify your keys with a different return address than this building (i.e.: your parents, brother/sister or friend). Please do not use your name and address to identify your key ring. If your keys are eventually returned to you after we change the locks and reissued new keys, we will refund you $10.00 for each key returned to us.

4. For safety, security, and to operate the building entry door release, we require that all tenants provide the Manager with their phone number when they have their phone installed. Please be assured that the Manager will not give out this number.

5. It is your responsibility for having your key with you to re-enter the building. If you are locked out and call or page the Manager or Maintenance be aware that he/she may be offsite and may not be in a position to be of assistance. If the Manager is in the area and assists you in entering the building this service is free the first time it happens. If however you lock yourself out a second time you will be responsible for paying the Manager $20.00 if she/he assists you in entering the building. If you continue to lock yourself out of the building you may obtain the assistance of the Manager for a $50.00 charge for each time the Manager assists you in gaining entry. Do not attempt to pry doors open or use something other than the right key in the keyway since it will cause damage. If you damage the lock you will be responsible for the costs of a professional locksmith and all repairs.


E. Smoking and Noise and Animals

1. Smoking is not permitted in your apartment or in the building. Possession or use of drugs is not permitted in your apartment, in the building or on the Weisenbach Property grounds. Possession in these areas or on the grounds is just cause for eviction.

2. Since we respect each tenant’s right to peace and quiet we do not permit loud talking, noise, radio, stereo, musical instruments or television in the apartments or the hallways. We also require that all of these be played softly after 10:30 PM and before 8:30 AM. Also keep in mind that other tenants may have different working and sleeping hours than yours.

3. Please ask your visitors to come and go quietly. We do not permit strangers or tenant’s guests to loiter in the hallways or other common areas.

4. Animals of any type or breed with the exception of Seeing Eye dogs or other work dogs are not allowed into the building. Many people have allergies and have chosen to live at this property because there are no animals allowed. Please honor this need and do not allow any animal to enter the building. Please advise your friends who may have pets that will be visiting that they either need to leave their pet outside or to leave the animal home when weather makes leaving the animal in the car or truck a health hazard to the animal.


F. Maintenance and Repairs

1. At the beginning of your tenancy your apartment will have light bulbs in all sockets, fuses and a smoke alarm with a battery. It is your responsibility to replace each of these bulbs as they wear out and to vacate the apartment with each of these in operating order.

2. Washington State fire and safety regulations require that we furnish you with a working smoke detector. The smoke detectors in your apartment are connected to the electrical system and require a battery for back up only. Do not attempt to disconnect the smoke detector since it is illegal to make it inoperative. By attempting to make it inoperative you will trigger the entire building system.

3. If you happen to burn anything while cooking it is important that you NOT open your front door in order to air out your apartment. This will trigger the sensors in the hallway and will start an automatic response by the Seattle Fire Department and will trigger the sprinkler system that will require an expensive resetting of the system by State approved repair technicians. Instead open your windows and your sliding glass door to vent the apartment. Be sure your apartment has sufficiently aired out before opening your front door to avoid the responses.

4. For your safety this building has been equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system. The sprinkler heads in your ceiling are sensitive and can be easily activated if you hit them or play with them. If you activate them through curiosity or neglect we will charge you the costs associated with clean up.

5. We strive to maintain the building in good repair and to reduce waste by maintaining faucets and toilets. We encourage you to advise us when something is in need of repair. All maintenance and repair requests must be in writing to the Manager.

6. We will give you a written notice 48 hours or more before the Manager or maintenance personnel enter your apartment to make repairs or conduct individual or yearly inspections. If however, an emergency or safety hazard exists, we will enter the apartment to prevent any damage to your apartment, adjacent units or you. We will inspect plumbing, appliances, windows, etc for maintenance prevention.



1. For your convenience and safety we require that you use the protective elevator wall pads during your move in or out of the building. Please contact the Manager and arrange for the use of the pads.



1. We encourage our tenants to recycle. The more we recycle the fewer natural resources we use up and the lower the garbage costs. We therefore have provided collection bins in the basement (level “B”). Recycled materials include aluminum, tin cans, (cleaned and flattened), newspapers, cardboard (Torn down and flattened completely), magazines and junk mail. Special containers for glass (all types and colors), and type 1 & 2 plastic bottles.

2. To minimize odors and keep the premises clean we REQUIRE that all garbage and waste materials be placed into tied up plastic bags and placed into the garbage containers on “B” level of the garage. If the containers have been taken out to the curb please take your garbage to the curbed containers. Do not place bags outside the containers, as they will not take any garbage not in the containers. It is your responsibility to handle your trash in a manner that will contribute to keeping the premises clean and orderly.

3. Do not use the containers for hazardous wastes such as motor oil or chemicals. The Law requires that you call Metro for special instructions.



1. We want to be assured that the fire alarm system is working properly so we check the alarm system once a month on the last Monday of the month. Testing will be done between the hours of 12:00 Noon and 2:00 pm. You will be notified if there are any changes. If the alarm is activated at any other time assume it is an actual alarm and vacate the premises immediately.



1. The basement level garage has been equipped with a water hose and electrical outlet for you to wash and clean your car. This area is for tenants use only and not for friends or relatives. Please do not waste the water and please clean up after yourself. Hang the hose on the wall hook to prevent damage to the hose and do not drive over the hose. Do not use the garage or car wash area to change your car’s oil or to do repairs.

2. The roof on this building is a pitched surface and is considered deadly for anyone without a special safety harness to be in it. For your safety, you and your visitors are all denied access to the roof.

3. For your and other tenants safety we require all bicycles to be kept in the Basement Level Bicycle Room. Bicycles are prohibited in the elevator, apartments and decks.


1. Washer and Dryers are provided for your use in your unit. If your washer/dryer requires repair please notify the Manager. Also, do not attempt to wash throw rugs in the machines since they damage the equipment.

2. We want to protect all from fire and therefore ask that you clean the dryer lint trap before and after using the dryer. Properly cleaned traps will dry clothes quicker and use less electricity.



1. Since soot and dirt enters open windows, we suggest cleaning all window ledges on a weekly basis to keep the blinds clean and reduce the potential for mold.

2. SHELF LINING: Do not put glued shelf liners into the cupboards or closets. There are hydro-statically applied shelf liners available at most hardware stores. This is the only type of liners that meet approval for use in the units.

3. Stoves: Clean regularly, especially after cooking greasy foods, etc.  Many stoves can be disassembled to give you access to areas below the burners and lids.  Our Manager will be pleased to give you a demonstration and can suggest safe successful cleaning products. Grease and other foods easily build up and prevent the stove from functioning properly.

4. STOVES VENTS: Clean vent screen with hot sudsy water with a small amount of ammonia added or place monthly in your dishwasher. . If you do a lot of cooking with grease (frying), try to clean after each time, or every other week at a minimum. This prevents food odors. If the vent screen is not cleaned regularly the vent motor will not function properly. Replacement screens can be purchased at hardware stores if the screen becomes difficult to clean.

5. PLANTS: All plants must have plastic or porcelain protection plates under them whether on windowsills or on the floor. Clay trays and pots allow moisture through and therefore will damage any surfaces underneath.

6. CARPETS: Keep vacuumed. Use baking soda as a rug deodorizer by sprinkling lightly with baking soda and then vacuuming. If accidental spills occur, please call the Manager. If necessary we will have our carpet cleaner come out at your expense to work on removing the spot. The sooner it is removed, the easier it is and the more successful. Always blot up all moisture possible with paper or cloth towels. Do not use strong chemicals because it may ruin the dye. Carpets to be cleaned by professionals only as directed by the Manager.

7. DRAIN CLOGS: Many times drains clog due to the build-up of hair, soap scum, and pancake make-up. Plumber suggestions: pour boiling water down the drain a couple of times a month for maintenance. You may also unplug sinks by using ½ cup of baking soda followed by ½ cup of vinegar followed by a quart of boiling water. Do not use caustic solutions such as DrainO since it damages the pipes.

8. CLEANING SINKS, TUBS, and AND TILE: To clean stainless steel sinks use baking soda and a damp cloth. To clean tubs and tile use Vinegar full strength on a sponge: then use baking soda as a scouring powder. Rinse well. Do not use abrasives on any sinks, tubs, tub surrounds, tile or plastic surfaces. Do not use oven cleaners on any painted surfaces – read instructions carefully.

9. BALCONIES: NO GAS OR CHARCOAL FIRED BARBECUES are allowed on our balcony. Due to Insurance Restrictions ONLY ELECTRCAL BARBECUES are allowed on the balcony. You are permitted to have plants and pots on your balcony. Please place a tray under your pots to eliminate excess water from running over the edge. Due to seismic and structural limitations do not have more than a total of 100 pounds of containers and wet soil on your deck. Please keep your deck clean and tidy. Do not hang planters, plants or anything else on or over the handrail. Bicycles are not permitted on your deck since locked bicycle storage has been provided on the basement level for you use. Barbeques are not allowed on any balcony area if the heat source is charcoal. No Hibachis.

10. BLINDS: Your apartment has been furnished with horizontal and vertical blinds for your privacy and sun control. They are delicate and we ask that you are gentle with their use. Please level the blinds before you retract them since it greatly reduces wear and tear. Also use them during the day to protect the carpet from sun bleaching.

11. BARBECUE AT 419 BUILDING: We have built and provided to all the buildings a common patio and barbecue area between the 411 and 419 buildings. This area was built to allow you to barbecue since barbecues are not allowed on the decks of your apartment. You are free to use this area year round. We ask that you clean up any spills on the picnic table and surrounding area when you leave. You are free to hold private picnics in this area. All gatherings must end promptly at 10:00 PM. In the winter we have a cover on the barbecue. Remove the cover and take to your apartment until the barbecue has cooled totally and then replace the cover and tie it back down.






Thomas Park Ridge Rules and Regulations

Thomas Park Ridge Rules and Regulations

Thomas Park Ridge Rules and Regulations

Thomas Park Ridge Rules and Regulations

Thomas Park Ridge Rules and Regulations